King of the Wing – Father’s Day 2014

No, this is not an attempt at a clever blog title. It’s the actual title of a food competition on St. Thomas! And Dan was in seventh heaven, because it was all. About. Chicken wings.

After a short snorkel in Hull Bay, we tailgated attended the 5th annual King of the Wing competition at Magen’s Bay on Saturday and had a blast. We used our Iowa State Fair eating skills to attack the booths like it was a sport. When all was said and done, we tried approximately 25 different kinds of wings, from different bars and restaurants all over the island. Needless to say, it’s a good thing we had our beach towels, because we needed to lie down after that.

The winner of the King of the Wing competition ended up being one of our favorite places, Mojo’s! But, then in true Virgin Islands fashion we went for a drink and to get some wings the Monday following the competition and they weren’t serving them 🙂 Only in St. Thomas!

Kings and Wings

Kings and Wings


Booths at the King of the Wing competition. Yes, many people are barefoot and that’s not weird.

Dan cooling off.

Dan cooling off.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and we both miss our Dads a lot! Got to chat with them though, so that made us happy. Dan golfed on Sunday morning, and that evening we walked down to the Hideaway for some sliders. Hull Bay Hideaway won the slider competition this year, so you know they’re good. Food competitions must be a thing down here, because there’s a chili cook off coming in August.

Here’s to eating!


3 thoughts on “King of the Wing – Father’s Day 2014

  1. Sara, your grammarian father must comment: You and Dan had to “lie” down after eating all those wings! 🙂 It was great to get to chat with you on Father’s Day. I miss you, too! Next time you have occasion to eat wings, have some for me!

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