One Last Island Hopping Hurrah: Anegada

With one final three-day weekend in the islands, we were lucky enough to be invited along on a BVI trip with friends to Anegada. Kevin and Jen graciously let us join them and two other couples, another family friend and three kids on the Crewzen II for the long trek to Anegada.

The only island in the British Virgin Islands that is made completely of coral and limestone, Anegada was named “drowned land” by the Spanish and at its highest point is only 28 feet above sea level. We left bright and early on Saturday morning and stopped at Virgin Gorda to clear customs and to have a quick lunch of some slow-cooked pork shoulder that Kevin had cooked overnight. Then it was a bit of a bumpy ride for the 15 miles of open water to Anegada. The island is so flat that the first thing you see is a few palm trees rising out of the ocean. It’s also surrounded by coral reef, and many ships have wrecked there in centuries past, meaning the water surrounding the island is very shallow. We docked at Neptune’s Treasure, our hotel for the weekend, and unloaded our crew and stuff.  Neptune’s Treasure is a quaint little hotel with just a handful of rooms and a beautiful view of the water on Anegada’s southern shore, we enjoyed a clean room with AC and a small refrigerator. With no TV and wifi available only from 4-6 pm (during happy hour!), it was really nice to disconnect for an entire weekend.

Neptune’s Treasure is quaint, quiet and perfect for a long weekend in Anegada.

That afternoon, we rented what we would call on St. Thomas a safari truck – A pickup with bench seats mounted in the back – and set out for some exploring. We stopped on the bridge and saw some pink flamingoes in the salt ponds, but didn’t get close enough to get a good photo. We then headed to Cow Wreck Beach  – where we saw actual cows. Conch fishing is a traditional industry in Anegada, and the huge shells are everywhere. We spent some time relaxing on the beach and then headed back to Neptune’s for dinner. The lobster curry roti was the best I’ve had while living in the Caribbean! We were all exhausted from an early start to the day and a long boat trip, so the group called it an early night.



A little overcast at Cow Wreck Beach, but still pretty impressive. You can see for MILES.


Pull up a chair. I promise you’ll relax.


Dan and a HUGE conch shell.



Up bright and early, we enjoyed coffee in front of the ocean and a delicious breakfast at the hotel. If you’ve never soaked your french toast in coconut rum, it’s time to start. Dan, Candice and I took a walk down the beach to Pomato Point. Every time I think the water in the Caribbean can’t look any more unreal, we enjoy a new view or a different island that surprises us.


Good morning from paradise!


A walk to Pomato Point with this handsome guy.

We packed up the truck and spent the day at Loblolly Beach on the north shore. Because Anegada is surrounded by coral reef, the snorkeling was spectacular. We ate lunch at Big Bamboo and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the beach. After a day of fun in the sun, we went to Anegada Reef Hotel for dinner where Dan and I shared sweet Caribbean lobster and pasta – the perfect end to a perfect day!


Loblolly Beach. The picture doesn’t even begin to capture how beautiful it is.



An Anegada lobster “family” dinner at Anegada Reef Hotel

This morning we enjoyed another great  breakfast at Neptune’s and set out in the truck to check out Anegada Beach Club and Bones Low Point.


View of Virgin Gorda in the distance from Anegada’s West End.


Anegada Beach Club near Bones Low Point has some of the most beautiful sand and water I’ve ever seen.

This island is a truly spectacular place to really “get away from it all”. Come to Anegada for the quiet. The sea, the breeze and the peaceful nature of the entire island will immediately set your mind it at ease. For a last “big trip” in the Caribbean, Anegada was all we could have asked for and more.

Back on US soil tonight (St. Thomas, anyway) and back to the grind tomorrow. It’s hard to believe I’ll be a statesider again in two short weeks! Focusing on being a sponge…(soaking it all up!).


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