The “Last” Boat Trip

So my “one last island-hopping hurrah” (Anegada) was really the second to last. We went on a boat trip this weekend with old and new friends, and it was everything I wanted it to be. I had been to all of these places before, but that’s the point of  a “one last time” boat trip!


Allie and Dan’s first BVI boat trip!

After a snorkel at the Indians, we headed to Cooper Island for lunch. This is one of my favorite restaurants in the Caribbean, and I so hope we get to come back and stay at Cooper Island Beach Club someday!


Next stop: Willy T.


Thanks for the great shot, Dan B.!


This is a shotski. It’s a waterski with holes drilled into it. For shot glasses.


The hardest part is getting everybody ready.


Down the hatch!


One more jump! Okay, two.

We ended the day at – where else – Jost Van Dyke. My favorite island we’ve visited, I never get tired of seeing the water in White Bay. Soggy Dollar Bar is so. Much. Fun.




The fox, the sombrero and the seemingly naked lady holding money. In reality, I AM wearing a bathing suit and the rest is Brad’s fault. He’s not even in the photo.


I’m ready to go back, Allie!


This guy.

I’m enjoying my last week of island life. It’s been quite a ride! Soak it up.


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