June in Paradise

Now that June is nearly over, I should probably do a little catching up of what’s been going on!

Last summer, Dan and I had a blast attending the King of the Wing competition, and we didn’t want to miss it this year. Plus, we knew the lay of the land and had friends to enjoy it with this year! What a difference a year makes; in 2014 we were a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of booths, the people, the loud music, and the heat and humidity. This year, we arrived, staked out our spot on the beach and ushered some new friends through the delicious wing-eating process.


King of the Wing koozies!? Yes, please!

The next week, some of our dear friends from Iowa came to St. Thomas to visit, and we wanted to show them how much fun island living can be! We took them to some different restaurants, gave them the island tour, and introduced them to the wonderfulness that is the Bushwhacker cocktail. On their last weekend here, we had some friends over for a little pool time, grill time and some bonfire on the beach time. We ate burgers, enjoyed the water, played some cards and solved the world’s problems over cocktails.


Some dudes


Some gals


The new islanders


Always causing shenanigans….


Naturally, when you find a giant rock on the beach, you have to dig it up. Disclaimer: Matt was not helping (at all) but insisted I get a picture of him next to the dig site.

We used Sunday as it was intended: a day of rest. Dan took the next Monday off, however, so we could take our visitors to St. John for the day. We hiked to Salomon Beach and enjoyed one of my favorite spots to relax.


The intrepid island hikers.

We’re always sad to see friends leave the island, but love showing off our little slice of paradise.

Now we’re gearing up for STJ Carnival, and the rest of summer will just fly by! Life is hard down here, let me tell ya…

Stay sunny!


2 thoughts on “June in Paradise

  1. I would love to get in contact with you. Me and my husband are contemplating the move but I have so many questions.

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