Strange Days

So funny little things happen here. Just, you know, goofy stuff that you don’t think is possible, is possible here.

I should probably add a blog category called “Only in St. Thomas”.

Today Dan and I attempted to get VI driver’s licenses. We know it’s notoriously cumbersome, inefficient, and have been told to show up early and bring patience. We did all of that.  Today’s weird story, however, happened while we were waiting for the BMV to open. Note: things here are generally called bureaus, as opposed to departments on the mainland.

We’re waiting, it’s 7:30 am or so, rush hour. A couple of guys are shooting the breeze in the parking lot. Next thing you know, a garbage truck rolls by. One of the guys that were chatting begins running. Running away from his chat pal with a bag of (presumably) trash. He runs next to the truck. He tosses the bag into the back of the truck, and this is where I think it will end. I’m thinking:Oh, this guy just needed to take the trash out and saw an opportunity. Wrong. This is all happening in slow motion, and it’s 7:30 in the morning and I’m not terribly with it without my coffee. The man then proceeds to run alongside the massive, toxic fume-spewing machine, and here is when I begin thinking: Oh NOW I get it. He’s a garbage man. He’s going to hop on the back of the truck and ride off to work. Wrong again. Silly Midwestern girl. This man – oh, so casually – begins reaching his arm up to confirm my theory. And then, the driver’s side door of the truck opens. And the man SWINGS himself into the truck. INTO THE DRIVER’S SIDE OF THE GARBAGE TRUCK. The truck never stops. I’m a little dumbfounded as this is all happening, because all I can think NOW  is: WHO’S DRIVING THE TRUCK!? And off into the morning sun they go. A man and his garbage truck.

I look at Dan and say, “Did you just see that?”

Dan’s mouth is open. And everyone is moving about their busy Thursday morning as if nothing is out of order.

Welcome to St. Thomas.

We didn’t get our licenses, by the way. Needed another piece of paperwork 🙂


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