Beach Bums

Persistence paid off for us in the end with the BMV. After three separate visits in two days, we have Virgin Islands driver’s licenses. We first had to make a trip to the Social Security Administration, but then we breezed through the process at the BMV office. Side note: I cannot give enough praise to the staff at the SSA. They were kind, courteous, and very quick. We waited in line for about 15 minutes, but after we reached a staffer at a desk, were out in about 5. This is a rare find on the islands so I had to talk it up.

We did it! Officially islanders.

We did it! Officially islanders.

Friday night we spent with our friends A  and M; they made a delicious dinner for us at their house. Shrimp tacos with corn and black bean salsa and a salad were on the menu, and the company was fantastic. I offered to bring a dessert, and was going to  be all island-y and bring fruit or something, but without any dessert options here (no DQ, no Red Mango) my Midwestern potluck soul was craving something CHOCOLATE. So I made a Better than Sex cake and threw it in the fridge. YUM. A and M live above Magen’s Bay, so the sunset view is beautiful. Saturday morning I went to Hull Bay Beach to catch up on some reading, and Dan went provisioning for grilling out that afternoon. He joined me on the beach a bit later, and we saw some Blacktip Reef Sharks! They were about a foot long, maybe just a little longer and were swimming calmly in the shallows of the bay.

After a morning at the beach, we headed to the pool to grill out and cool off. It was a fun day, and we ended back on Hull Bay Beach for a bonfire.

Bonfire at Hull Bay

Bonfire at Hull Bay

Our next weekend may consist of a 5k run, pub crawl and anything else we can stuff in. Trying to make the most of every weekend is rough stuff 🙂


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