March Madness Means Visitors! Part 3 – The Soon-To-Be Beckers

Drive Backers to lunch. Pick up R & H from airport. Deliver them to same lunch spot. Drive Backers to airport. Return to lunch spot to collect other friends. Just call us Sherman’s Taxi Service!

It was sad to say goodbye to Bill and Lauren because we had such a fun time with them, but I was SO pumped to welcome my longtime friend Rachel and her fiancé Hanno back to St. Thomas! They were our first non-family visitors and they must have liked it, because they came back! I was SO sure Hanno was going to propose on that trip…but he did shortly after! AND I get to be a bridesmaid in July in their wedding and I could not be happier for them – Hanno’s last name is Becker, so we went from the Backers to the Beckers all in one day.

Since they’ve already been here, and it’s been more than a year since their last visit, we had some new places to show them! We hit up Lindquist beach first and let them relax on their first day here. Wednesday is “locals night” at Paradise Point, so we met Dan there after work for a sunset cocktail.

Paradise Point sunset (Photo courtesy of Hanno Becker)

On Thursday we took the car ferry to St. John for a beach day. I realized lately that I’ve become a beach snob. Some tourist on Lindquist had said that it was such a beautiful place and their favorite “hidden gem” of St. Thomas. I scrunched up my nose and thought: You haven’t been to any St. John beaches, have you!? When did Lindquist beach become any less stunning? It really is a lovely beach. This was my first experience with island jaded-ness and it sort of got to me! The first step is mindfulness, right?

We snorkeled with turtles at Maho Bay and then ended our day at Joe’s Rum Hut, naturally! Rachel really likes daiquiris 🙂


Soon-to-be Beckers overlooking Cruz Bay, St. John! (Photo courtesy of Hanno Becker)


Rum Hut. ‘Nuff said. (Photo courtesy of Hanno Becker)

The sunset on the car ferry ride back to St. Thomas was particularly stunning. I’m always grateful when guests get a tiny taste of our daily dose of beautiful!


(Photo courtesy of Hanno Becker)

We enjoyed breakfast at Barefoot Buddha (one of my favorite spots!) and then took the ferry over to Water Island on their last day in St. Thomas. It ended up being a pretty rainy and windy day, but at least they can say they saw it! I always hate saying goodbye to friends, but at least I get to see these two again in just a few months for their big day!

After taking them to the airport on Saturday, I taught a spin class and then we were super excited to be invited to the 5th annual (except for last year) Easter Beer Hunt, hosted by Bob, Laura, Sarah and Luke. You literally hunt for beer they have hidden around the beach, and enjoy grilling out with friends! More pics to come, but Scott Beach is beautiful and really secluded.


Scott Beach, St. Thomas

The Easter Beer Hunt crew. Cheers! (Photo by Laura Harwig)

As if we didn’t like to pack all the activities in already, we had plans on Sunday as well. I taught another spin class, then we headed to Water Island (my third trip in a week!) to hear some great music. Jon Gazi is a local artist that we love, and The Supervillains are a band from Florida that Dan got turned on to when he heard their reggae cover of Billy Joel’s “Moving Out”. It was a CRAZY day on Honeymoon Beach; I’ve never seen so many people there.  The sun was hot, the water was cool, and the music was fantastic. We are two tired Shermans!

This week is supposed to be back to normal, but mostly I’m just back to teaching spin seven times a week and Dan is back to the PT grind. Enjoy some Billy Joel-Supervillain goodness below! Is it spring break yet? 😉


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