March Madness Means Visitors! Part 2 – The Backers

We’ve got a lot of amazing friends, but we go way back with the Backers. Billy and Dan are high school buddies and pretty much the reason Dan and I met. Billy was in our wedding, and when Billy married the beautiful Lauren, Dan was in their wedding. We are the lucky godparents to their first child, Boone. Needless to say, we were excited to see them on their first trip to the VI!

They arrived on a Tuesday and after I picked them up from the airport we hung out at Hull Bay Beach for a happy hour cocktail and to watch the sun set while we waited for Dan to get off work. In true island style, Rhonda had a little trouble when the guys were on a beer run, so the girls met them at Thirteen for some pizza for dinner while the amazing Ruben fixed Rhonda right up. We spent Wednesday at Lindquist Beach and Bolongo Bay, and the picture-taking extravaganza began. Thursday was Mountaintop, Peterborg Point and Magen’s Bay. Because it was Easter weekend, Dan got Friday and Monday off, so we took full advantage of it!


Limin’ at Lindquist Beach


The view from Mountaintop!


Peterborg Point, minus Dan.

Friday was a BVI boat trip with One Love Charters. Captain Joe was SO great and we had an awesome day on the water even though it was just a LITTLE windy. Jost Van Dyke is my favorite island and I think I’ve converted Bill and Lauren as well. We stopped at the bubbly pool and White Bay for a Soggy Dollar painkiller. We learned last year that no alcohol is served on Good Friday, but fear not, as true islanders we BOOR (Bring Our Own Rum).

Not a bad view for a Jost Van Dyke hike.

Bubbly pool!

Waves rush over the rocks and create a “jacuzzi” effect in the pool.

Yes, the water really does look like this.


Nothing beats a day on Jost with friends!

Adios to Jost!

We even got to cross something off our island bucket list: a trip to Pizza Pi! You’ve heard of a food truck, but Pizza Pi is the only food boat of it’s kind! We ordered pizza, enjoyed floating around in the water and spent the last part of our day relaxing.

Hungry? Try the Virgin Islands’ only food boat! Tip: the Cubano pizza is pretty tasty!

Saturday was spent showing off the beautiful island that is St. John. We call it our getaway because it’s nice to have somewhere to go where you feel like you’re on vacation. Don’t get mad at me for saying that we have to go to another island to feel like we’re on vacation. Just trust me. We took a sightseeing drive to Coral Bay and ate at Skinnylegs for lunch. Then we snorkeled and relaxed at Maho Bay. Last stop before the ride home was Joe’s Rum Hut happy hour (duh) and we even had a celebrity sighting on the car ferry – Kenan Thompson from SNL was kind enough to snap a few photos with us!


A Maho Bay kind of day.

We had fun playing with our newest GoPro accessory, a dome attachment. It allows us to take photos that are half in the water, half out. This turtle made a great experimentation subject!


Cruz Bay selfie


Celebrity sighting on the STJ car ferry! Kenan Thompson from SNL was cool enough to snap a few photos with us.

Easter Sunday was a much-needed day of rest. After mass, we went to Old Stone Farmhouse for brunch with friends, and then the guys went golfing and Lauren rode a long. I used the afternoon to get some work done.


He is risen indeed.

On Monday, we spent the day on Water Island relaxing with all the turtles! Lauren got to try a Paddlewacker (a Bushwacker with peanut butter!) and we all had tons of fun enjoying the sun.


Water Island – they still let Chris go there (for now)!

We never fail to see turtles at Water Island. Awesome to see them “fly”!


Happy Monday from Honeymoon Beach!

We’re so lucky to call the Backers friends, and are sad to see them go. Seven beaches in seven days ain’t so bad, right!? Thanks for visiting!

On to the next March Madness Means Visitors group – the soon-to-be Beckers! From Backers to Beckers, we’re lucky to have so many friends that want to visit us!


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