Monsoon Season

Ok, so it’s not really a monsoon, per se, but we did get more than 15 hours of rain last night. Our cistern is happy but Hull Bay isn’t as pretty with all the runoff.

My Valentine was up at 5 am  and walked out of our door into seven inches of water. He cleared the drain and it was gone in a few minutes, but he still had to drive through the pouring rain to be at work at six to help with his clinic-sponsored Lover’s Lane race. The race was supposed to kick off at 7 am, but it was still raining pretty hard and nobody wanted to run (except for one intrepid Idohoan, Dan said). It’s cleared off now, and the race was postponed and started at 9 am.


Hull Bay runoff. Photo courtesy of our neighbor, Lucy K. Thanks, Luce!



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