Iowans, Michiganders and Sea Turtles

We’ve been enjoying island life and can’t believe that we’ve lived on this rock for 9 months already. Since the last post, we’ve had fun visiting with stateside family and friends who have come to beautiful St. Thomas for vacation.


Family friends the Taylors and Carltons visited the island from Sioux City, IA, and we enjoyed brunch, drinks and the Mariott Cove pool!


Later that week, A’s parents were visiting from Michigan and invited us out on a BVI boat trip! Our first visit to Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke.


It’s easy to spend a lot of time swinging in a hammock on a day like this.


Our friend ( and intrepid captain) Kevin!


We followed this Hawksbill sea turtle around Pelican Island for a long time. They look like they are flying in the water. It’s unbelievable!




Diver Dan. Near Pelican Island, BVI.


After some snorkeling, we went to Norman Island for lunch and hit Willy T’s for a drink. Willy T’s is an old boat that floats in crystal clear Caribbean waters and whose sole purpose is fun. We bought some drinks at the bar, and took a jump off the top deck, because it’s what you do at Willy T’s!


Last stop – Soggy Dollar Bar! A and her mom enjoying the water on Jost Van Dyke.





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