Moving Day: Part 2

Well today was another early day. Up at 4:00 a.m. to get back in the big ass U-Haul and drive back to Omaha to get the truck back by 7:00 a.m. We do this to ourselves, we know.

Midwest sunrise in a U-Haul

It was hard to say goodbye to Ray and Susan, it’s been really hard to say goodbye to everyone! We only hope we get visitors…something tells me we will. It’s not like we moved to Duluth or something (no offense, Duluthians!).

We had the day to get what’s remaining of our lives packed in suitcases and a few other boxes, and my mom and dad were a huge help in making many, many Goodwill runs and getting packed into their car.

Priority packing: yoga mats

Priority packing: yoga mats

My mom and I were literally packed into the car. Holding stuff in our laps. Only with the Gilberts!

Mom made a “last supper” that was fantastic: steak, my favorite potatoes, corn casserole, and my grandmother’s “Black Magic” dessert. SueAnn came over with Mowgli and of course it was lovely as ever to see her.

This is our last night in the states, and it doesn’t feel real.Tomorrow we fly!



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