And the Adventure Begins…

It’s moving day.

And we’re exhausted. Already.

At 6:30 am, I drove Dan dan to 132nd and Q to pick up the UHaul truck. Travis came over to help Dan load the sleeper sofa and the heavy chaise longue in the the truck, while I continued to pack boxes. We got a lot done in the morning, but still had a ton to get into the truck. Dan successfully moved almost all the furniture by himself (tip: appliance dolly) and I helped when asked. Overall, we loaded the truck in about 10.5 hours. Oh yeah, then we had to drive to Sioux City.

Susan had prepared a great dinner for us, and we were starving. Then the four of us unloaded the whole truck in about 2 hours. Hold on – it took ALL DAY to load the truck and 2 HOURS to unload it?! Mama mia…

After all is said and done, we are lucky that we have some place to store our lives for the next two years. It all seems so small when your life is in boxes.

Our Lives in Boxes

Our lives in boxes


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