So Long, Farewell…

Today was my last day at Omaha Children’s Museum. I will miss this place, these people, and what this amazing institution stands for. It’s been a great four years!

My friends threw a going away party for the Shermans, and it was so fun! We had so much wine and liquor that we knew we weren’t going to be able to drink, so we donated it to the Orand’s basement bar.


Stock the Orand Bar

Alcohol donation – complete!

Same height as Zach Kramper - I'm on a chair.

Same height as Zach Kramper – I’m on a chair.

Fun and games

Fun and games with Thomas

The best neighbor

Jenna is the best neighbor (and friend) of all time.

Tons of people came, tons of fun was had, and at one point I began mixing shots for people and calling them “island creations.” Go figure 🙂 I made it almost the whole night without crying, but it got pretty weepy at the end.

Weepy with Rachel

The loveliest person you’ll ever meet, and prettiest birthday girl at the party. The one on the left, duh, is Rachel. And thus begins weepy time.

Happy birthday to the beautiful Rachel Evans, because we took over your special day. I know this will be your best year yet! AND you have somewhere to vacation whenever you want 🙂

Thank you to Orands for hosting, and thank you to everyone who came to wish us well.  Hotel Sherman will be up and running with open doors soon!



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