Every Day A Celebration

I never need an excuse to pop open a bottle of champagne! I love celebrating anything, and life is full of things to be happy about.

Our dear friend A had a birthday so of course we had to have a little beach soiree. It had been a long time since we spent a whole day at the beach, so the guys grilled burgers and brats and the ladies enjoyed the view. Our island experience would not be the same without this special gal, and we loved being a part of celebrating her life. That last sentence makes it sounds like she’s dead. We’re very glad she’s not. After a sunny beach day, we thought brunch the next day (with bottomless margaritas) was a great way to cap off a celebratory weekend. Happy birthday, my favorite Michigander!!


A beautiful Hull Bay day for a beach birthday.


The birthday girl.


A couple of beach bums.


We found out that my large wine glasses can hold half a bottle of champagne. We shared.


Sunday brunch at Greengo’s? I’ll have another margarita, please.






My parents and I have celebrated my adoption day each year since I can remember. It’s a super cool way to honor the day the three of us became a family. My parents still get me a gift each year, and last December I gleefully accepted a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant, ZoZo’s. The Michiganders had just been to eat there for A’s birthday, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Dan was just honored with a promotion at work (Territorial Director of Rehab!) and so we decided to head to STJ for a yummy meal. The gift certificate was waiting for us at our table, and we enjoyed a great bottle of wine and amazing food. Congrats, Dan and thanks, Mom and Dad!


Just less than a year ago, we were celebrating our fifth anniversary on STJ at the Westin. We had a fun afternoon with a couple from Dallas enjoying their honeymoon. We enjoyed chatting with them and stayed in touch over the past year. Well those crazy kids just moved to STT!  They’ve decided to take a break from the rat race and enjoy a slower pace of life for a while. We had dinner with them last night to welcome them to the islands. You can read more about their journey at Bankers to Beaches.


Reunion in the islands!


Life is too short not to celebrate everything! Heck, I may even celebrate finishing this post with an extra cup of coffee. Stay sunny, friends.



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