We’ve seen the view overlooking Magen’s Bay hundreds of times, but had never ventured out onto Peterborg Point. This long stretch of land is an arm of St. Thomas reaching out into the Atlantic Ocean, creating the huge and protected Magen’s Bay. We drove out onto the end of the point with A & M to do a little “hiking.” We all heard conflicting stories of how easy or hard the “hike” would be. It was really simple to drive to a little clearing and then walk around on the point. We spotted a fisherman on some of the rocks, but have no idea how he got there! The view is great and we had a blast seeing something new!



The intrepid GoPro photographer using his hat clip.



Tidepools below; looking into Magen’s Bay


Magen’s Bay beach is WAAAAY at the end. 


Obligatory stop for yoga pose.



Lots of GoPro action.



The tide pools on the north side of the rocks are impossibly clear.









2 thoughts on “Adventuring

  1. do you have a direct email? my husband & I want to move to st thomas in a few years so your input would be greatly needed & appreciated!

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