Easter (on an) Island

I tell you what, if you think you love holidays, you’re wrong. The people of the Caribbean love holidays WAY more than you do. And they pay their people to have work off to celebrate. Gotta love paid days off! Dan is lucky enough to be enjoying a four-day weekend, and we’re taking advantage of the free time.

Good Friday was spent with friends on the water, and we had a beautiful day to do it. We were told to stock up on beer or alcohol, as there are rules about purchasing booze on Easter weekend. Turns out that Good Friday was the main culprit; no booze available at all in the BVI from 6 am to 6 pm. Beer and wine only in the USVI until after 4 pm. Good thing we islanders know how to pack a good cooler!

After customs on Jost Van Dyke, we headed out to Guana Island for some snorkeling. The water was kind of churned up, but we got to explore a little cave and see some cool fish. Next we were off to Marina Cay for lunch. Near Great Camanoe and Scrub Island, this little eight-acre cay is home to a Pusser’s Rum store and restaurant, as well as some small vacation villas. Pusser’s Rum has been a British Naval tradition since 1655, and is well-known throughout the British Virgin Islands.


Snorkeling at Guana Island


Snorkeling at Guana Island


Fish in the cave


Foureyed Butterflyfish near Guana Island, BVI



When we had lunch at Marina Cay, and lo and behold, our friend A pulls up in another boat with a party headed to Anegada! We always think that St. Thomas is like a small town, but you never know who you’ll see in the BVI as well!


The reef; view from Marina Cay Pusser’s Rum restaurant

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Jost at Soggy Dollar. Any day on the water (and any day at Soggy Dollar!) is a great day!


Chris at the helm, drink in hand.


Heading home. Life in the Caribbean is good!



We went to Easter Vigil on Saturday night, and in true Caribbean fashion the power went out and most of the mass was done in the dark. Easter Vigil begins in darkness anyway, so mass by candlelight was appropriate and lovely. Dan is always a trooper and goes with me to the vigil as it’s my favorite mass of the year, even though it’s a 2.5 hour service! Our Easter Sunday was spent watching the news, dan making a delicious breakfast and walking the dog in the sunshine.  Happy Easter to you and yours, wherever you are!







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