Caribbean Nights

Silly Iowans. You made it through a crazy hot summer in the Caribbean. Three days of nice breezes at the end of September and you think you’ve “turned the corner” on a tropical summer. You grew up in the Midwest, where it will be 50 degrees on the first day of June and 85 on the first day of October. You should know better.

No sooner than I had written an email to my mother-in-law about her upcoming visit to St. Thomas, the wind died. I mean DIED. A chopper couldn’t move the palm fronds if it tried. Now, since it’s been hot all summer, we ARE used to some heat. However, at night it’s usually cooled down to an at least sleep-able temperature.  Not the last few nights. No breeze. NONE.

I feel like that song from the beginning of the Aladdin movie…

(Singing in my best Robing Williams voice) Car-ibb-ean niiiiiiiiiiights, like Car-ibb-ean daaaaaaaaays….More often than not, are hotter than hot, in a lot of good waaaaaaaaaaaays. I’m not crazy. Watch the video. Anyway. It’s been hot. We’re hoping the breeze returns ASAP, as we have three sets of guests coming in October!

Aside from that, we’ve been enjoying life in the tropics very much. Quirks and all, we live in a pretty awesome place.

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