One Month in the Caribbean

We honestly can not believe that we’ve been on St. Thomas for an entire month already. A month? It’s crazy how fast time goes. They always say as you get older time goes faster and faster, and as with everything your parents told you, it’s true. We have 23 months left in the Caribbean and it feels like we won’t get to see everything! However, we’re trying this whole “island time” mentality thing on for size, and it helps us be a little more present in whatever we get to experience day by day.

In the last month we have:

  • Lived in two different island apartments.
  • Seen island roadkill of the iguana sort.
  • Driven two different cars on the left.
  • Snorkeled
  • Kayaked
  • Caved in and eaten Pop Tarts. (Clarification: I try not to by crap processed food. But apparently when I look for a tiny food reminder of home, PopTarts are what did it for me.)
  • Walked on four different beaches on two different islands
  • Lived without air conditioning. (Disclaimer: we turn it on for about an hour before bed.)
  • Caught a gecko (or two) in our home and set them free
  • Had no mercy for any mosquitoes we come in contact with – including an electronic mosquito swatter purchase
  • Eaten lots of fish tacos
  • Seen dust from the Sahara
  • Gotten lost – a lot
  • Missed our friends and family!

In the last month we have not:

  • Driven (purposely) on the right sight of the road.
  • Used a hair dryer.
  • Seen one Nebraska fan (Hallelujah!)
  • Watched a movie, or much TV (and hence, no political ads!)
  • Needed long sleeves. Or pants.
  • Driven over 35 mph. This sounds weird, but there’s no need. And with the crazy roads (winding, mountain terrain with crazy potholes) you don’t want to drive faster.
  • Wasted as much water as we did stateside. It’s amazing what you’ll do to conserve when you know your water supply is not unlimited!
  • Been to Target. Or a mall.
  • Regretted our move.

We’re finally starting to feel a little more settled and can’t wait to welcome any visitors that want to come.

We feel pretty lucky to be able to experience this journey. Thanks to all who have helped us become who we are and get here!

Much love,

Dan and Sara


One thought on “One Month in the Caribbean

  1. as you know I don’t get on the computer every day for “fun” but when I do I go to your blog and live vicariously through you!! what a dream of a lifetime and so happy for you

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