Week Two in Review

The island is a crazy place. And the people who live here are just as crazy. Some in a good way, and others….you  get the idea. A recap of our week with some photos (that’s what you came here for, right? Pictures?):

The first part of the week was fairly uneventful. Wake up, drive into town so Dan can go  to work, drive home and write, view some apartments, rinse and repeat. On Tuesday I viewed an apartment and really hit it off with the tenant who was leaving (we’ll call her A). A and her husband M have been living in St. Croix for two years, and have recently moved to St. Thomas. We chatted for so long that I was late picking Dan up from work! We’re excited to grab dinner with A & M next week, hopefully we can have a couple to hang out with.

We would have had an awesome couple to hang out with, L and A (different A this time – the therapists that work with Dan and that are leaving island), but their contracts are up and have decided to head back stateside. More about our celebrations this weekend later.

As I’m driving around the island checking out all these different properties, I usually try to take my time and soak up the view, because it truly is amazing. Whenever someone comes to visit, we have a number of lookout spots we have to hit, so be prepared to be chauffeured around!

Sun over Hull Bay

Sun over Hull Bay

Drake’s Seat is one of the most spectacular views on the island, and it’s hard not to stop every time we drive by!

View from Drake's Seat

View from Drake’s Seat (the Tobagos, Jost Van Dyke and Tortola)

Sunset looking over Magen's Bay

Sunset looking over Magen’s Bay

Panoramic view

Panoramic view

On Thursday night I got to go to a great yoga class in a little arts district called Tillet Gardens. The teacher was fantastic, and we made plans to hang out soon.

Marley got an island haircut.

Marley got an island haircut.

View of Charlotte Amalie and harbor

View of Charlotte Amalie and harbor


View of Charlotte Amalie and harbor: Hassel Island is directly in front, and behind it is Water Island.

Panoramic view of the harbor

Panoramic view of the harbor

On Friday night, we met some new friends at Fresh Bistro for some drinks to celebrate L and A and to wish them well on their next journey as they leave St. Thomas. L then invited us to join them and some other friends for dinner, at Thirteen restaurant on the north side. This dinner was some of the best food I’ve ever eaten! Dan’s steak was delicious, and I had scallops that were incredible. We got to meet some more new friends, C and C, who have been great friends and a resource on the island for L and A. They’ve lived here for more than 15 years and know all the ins and outs of St. Thomas.

Saturday was the first outing for both Dan and me without each other. Dan got to go golfing with L, C and another friend J at Mahogany Run golf course. The course looks incredibly hard (Dan is nodding emphatically) but the boys had a good time spending the day betting on holes.

Dan golfing the "Devil's Triangle" at Mahogany Run

Dan golfing the “Devil’s Triangle” at Mahogany Run

A took me to Magen’s Bay Beach, one of the most popular beaches on the island. It wasn’t terribly busy, and boy is it beautiful.

Magen's Bay Beach

Magen’s Bay Beach

After the beach, A and I went back to our Wintberg apartment to clean up for the rest of the evening. We then met the boys and some other friends of  L and A at Magen’s Point Resort for some great wings and drinks.

The sunset from the patio is incredible.





After a night of meeting new friends, and wishing others well as they leave St. Thomas, sleeping in on Sunday was a treat. The sun comes up very early here (about 5:50 am) and so sleeping in past 7:30 am feels great!

I took Dan back to Magen’s Bay Beach so he could see how pretty it was. We were going to take the ferry to St. John in the afternoon, but our friends ended up not being able to go, so we’re saving that for another day.  Instead, we drove to a place called Mountain Top. This place has about every single St. Thomas souvenir you could ever hope to want and more. They also serve “World Famous Banana Daiquiris,” so we couldn’t pass that up. The drinks were cold and delicious, and the view is breathtaking.

View of Magen's Bay, Hans Lollick, the Tobagos, Jost Van Dyke

View of Magen’s Bay, Hans Lollick, the Tobagos, Jost Van Dyke and Tortola

View from Mountain Top

View from Mountain Top of Tortola, Thatch Cay, St. John and some other small islands

Panoramic view from Mountain Top

Panoramic view from Mountain Top

Cheers from Mountain Top!

Cheers from Mountain Top!

Another great week in the Virgin Islands. I can’t believe we’ve been living here for two weeks already. We only have our rental for another week, so we’ll be making a decision soon on where our next apartment will be. Thanks for all who voted, we’ll keep you posted on the spot we choose 🙂


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