House Hunters International: Part 2

We’ve looked at so many apartments here, it’s become really hard to choose! We want to hear what you think; view this as your opportunity to weigh in on a Sherman episode of House Hunters International! Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of the two we have it narrowed down to (keep in mind these are the same monthly rental price):

Apartment 1 (Duplex)

The Good:

  • Great furnishings – attractive furniture
  • AC in both bedrooms
  • Free wifi is included
  • Landlord is experienced and seems really great to work with (was willing to put in a generator for us if we really wanted it)
  • There were great breezes flowing through the apartment when we visited
  • View of the Caribbean Sea
  • Good spot between town and Red Hook, where there is “lots to do”

The Bad:

  • The bathroom is pretty small.
  • The south side of the island is supposedly hotter.
  • Not a lot of grass for Marley
  • The washer and drier is in a small shared building – would have to walk outside and around the driveway to do laundry

The Ugly:

  • The road to the apartment is UP a hill. Not just a little hill, either, a HILL. And the roads are notoriously not great, and getting to and from the apartment could be quite a hoof.


Apartment 2 (One unit in a building of four)

The Good:

  • Immaculately clean apartment. Tenant before kept everything pristine.
  • More room
  • Good parking and room to turn around
  • Plenty of grass for Marley
  • On the “cool” north side, view of the Atlantic
  • Experienced landlord
  • Large porch

The Bad:

  • Furnishings were pretty dated. Clean, but old.
  • More upfront charges (annual propane charge, utility deposit, etc.)
  • Additional cost for cable and internet
  • Landlord seems a bit particular. Was concerned that Marley would make a lot of noise, but would “allow” him.

The Ugly:

  • The road to this apartment is not great either. More like a farm road 🙂 But, once you get to the parking lot, it’s all paved.
  • The laundry is once again outside, down a short hill, and  (for some reason this is a sticky wicket with me) coin-operated.


Who knows what will happen or what we will choose, but let us know what you think!


2 thoughts on “House Hunters International: Part 2

  1. Just can’t vote without seeing them! So excited to see which one you choose. What about option #3? HHI always has 3 options! xoxoxox

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