First Island Weekend Forecast: More Rain

Don’t move to a tropical island if you don’t want it to rain. There, I said it.

Dan and I gave a ride to work this morning to Jamoi, one of the physical therapy techs that works at Therapy Works. He’s a cool cat and is able to give us lots of info about the island that we can only learn from the locals. He showed us a new and faster way to get into town, so now we can avoid some of the morning traffic.

It’s raining some more here today, but I was able to get out and see four more apartments. One near Havensight (cruise ship docks), two on the north side near Magen’s Bay, and another on the north side closer to Hull Bay. Dan and I joke that if we could only smoosh all the apartments together, we’d have the perfect place. One spot will have a great view, but super crappy parking (this is a big deal; if you visit you’ll understand). Or another place will have plenty of room but a giant banana tree is blocking all your view. I’m hoping to see a few more places next week, and I think something will rise to the top.

As I drove on the north side today, I stopped at the beautiful Drake’s Seat lookout and took some pictures of a rainshower that was making its way towards the island.

Rainshower heading toward Magen's Bay

Rainshower heading toward Magen’s Bay




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