House Hunters International

Our second full day on St. Thomas was more driving around, getting to know the roads and hunting for a long-term place to call home. We have our rental through May 25, but wanted to start looking fast because we weren’t sure how long it would take to find something. Today we drove to the south side of the island, near Frenchman’s Bay, and then all the way to the northwest side, near Dorothea Bay. Both views were fantastic; each are great in their own way – I think it will be hard to choose.

Ok, ok, don’t shoot me, I know – must be rough. Oh no, which caribbean home should I choose? How will we ever decide!?

View from one-bedroom apartment near Dorothea

View from one-bedroom apartment near Dorothea


The other apartment we looked at was on the south side, where it is supposedly hotter. The apartment is high on a hill though, and it was pretty breezy when we were there. I didn’t take any pictures there, but here’s a picture  the landlord sent me:

View of the Caribbean Sea from Hawk Hill near Frenchman's Bay

View of the Caribbean Sea from Hawk Hill near Frenchman’s Bay

After a day of driving the crazy island roads, Dan wanted to check out a Jeep that someone was selling. As I waited for him in the car, a crane wandered by. I don’t know if we’ll ever see all the different kinds of wildlife that reside here.

It was a long day of driving, searching and  by the time dinnertime came around, I was in no mood to cook. I had originally wanted to take Dan out for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate his first day of work, but we decided to go out tonight anyway. We headed to the eastern end of the island, to a restaurant called Sangria’s. It’s located on Cowpet Bay, as part of the Elysian Beach Resort. It was a pretty quiet night, but the view was fantastic. Nice way to wind down being “tourists” for a couple of days before Dan starts work tomorrow.

Cowpet Bay at sunset

Cowpet Bay at sunset

Panoramic view of Cowpet Bay

Panoramic view of Cowpet Bay

Side note: Sangria’s did have good sangria. Food was just so-so.



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