Things Are Moving Fast

What an amazing day. I feel so loved by everyone here – my employees especially. When I tell people I’m leaving, they are sad and excited for us, just like we are sad but excited! I say thank you a lot, because I know a lot of what I’ve accomplished at the museum wouldn’t have been possible without the team that I have.

I put down a deposit on a place to live, so we at least have somewhere to lay our heads the first night. I think figuring out an exit plan is the way to go next.

I had a phone interview for a part time guest services position with Yacht Haven Grande. They need a “welcome desk” person 20ish hours a week. I’m wondering if I can make that work, plus freelance on the side and be good to go with Dan’s salary. It’s a lesson in letting go, that’s for sure!

I also interviewed for a freelance position that the guy said could easily go full time, we’ll see what happens. Things are coming together FAST.



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