Are We Really Doing This?!

I quit  my job today.

And I keep asking myself: “Are we really doing this?”

I’ve never quit a job (without having another job lined up), and it’s super scary. Dan put in his notice at Immanuel as well.

I should start by saying this began in December. We were on a cruise in the caribbean, and passed a physical therapy clinic and laughed… “oh wouldn’t it be fun to live here?! Hahaha…” Then we started thinking about it. We have no house, no kids, and nothing holding us back from doing whatever we wanted.  Dan put out some feelers, and got two interviews right away. When he was offered a job, we knew we had some thinking to do.

I personally was heavily influenced by an experience my friend, coworker (and eventually boss) and his family went through:

Jeff and Sam got to meet their daughter, Lily Kay, and have her on earth for a short four hours. I have a picture of Jeff holding baby Lily before she died. I often quote Robert Frost, saying, “The best way out is always through.” Jeff said that was his mantra at the hospital as he and Sam and their family dealt with the birth and death of their baby girl.

I’ve been very emotional the last week as Dan and I have grappled with the crazy feelings of moving to the Virgin Islands. If anything, Lily’s life confirmed to me that we should go and not look back. Life is too short, and you can’t plan for anything that will happen in it. The grief that the Barnharts are going through could have happened to anyone, anywhere, any time. We only get one life on this earth, and whether it’s forty years or four hours, we should live a life authentic to ourselves and in a way that honors God, his creation and the other lives he put on this earth.

Thank you, Lily Barnhart, for inspiring us to take this leap of faith and move to St. Thomas. Your life means more than you will ever know.


– – –


Jeff gave me a huge hug today and cried with me as I told him we are leaving Omaha at the end of the month. I was then paranoid to tell Lindy, of course. She took it pretty well, and told me I had great skills to offer another position, which made me feel good. It felt best to get it off my chest, so I can begin planning next steps.

I interviewed for a guest services position at Yacht Haven Grande this morning, so I’m hoping that if I’m offered a position there, even part time, that I can show off my skills and the job could develop into something really great.

I also spoke to a gentleman who has an apartment in the VI that has the most beautiful view. It’s a pretty small apartment, but I think it could be great for what we need. I’m getting nervous about driving on the left when we get down there!

Feeling blessed tonight as I finish this, since I have people who love me and support Dan and I in this next chapter of our life.



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