Just Another Day In Paradise

The daily grind sets in, no matter where you live. It doesn’t matter if your morning commute consists of a jungle of skyscrapers or a mountainous drive with an ocean backdrop, the routine can become a chore. That’s when we islanders take to the water for a day of fun. We hadn’t been on a boat trip since my parents were here in May, and we were eager to take the island newbie Texans to some of the best spots in the BVI! As always, a big thank you to Kevin from CrewZen VI for a great day on the water!!

After a stop at The Indians for a snorkel and a quick paddle on a deserted Norman Island, we headed to Willy T’s for lunch. Then it was off to Jost for Foxy’s and the Soggy Dollar Bar. All in all, just another fantastic Sunday in paradise!


The ladies at Willy T’s!


Family picture at Foxy’s!


Brad has been waiting to have a Painkiller since arriving in the Caribbean in June! He finally made it to Soggy Dollar!


Look what I found! BVI Property & Yacht is a magazine I’ve been doing some social media/online content writing for at Soggy Dollar Bar.


Painkillers all around. Soggy Dollar never disappoints.


I told Kevin I wanted to do a headstand on the bow. So I did.


Another angle of the yoga Instagram action.


The guys solving the world’s problems.


In his defense, Brad did not drink ALL these Painkillers himself. Just most of them.


This failed selfie attempt perfectly sums up our day. A little crazy and a LOT of fun.


How can you not have a good day with this view?

Stay sunny, friends!


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