Meanwhile, on the Island…

We hiked to Salomon Beach with the Norths and some Omaha friends last weekend. Salomon is one of my favorite beaches I’ve been to in the Caribbean, and it never fails to be unbelievably beautiful.


Salomon Beach selfie!


Is this real life?


I love St. John. Welcome to “The Don’t Hurry”

Dan wasn’t feeling great on Monday, so he stayed home for some much-needed rest. I went to Water Island later in the afternoon with the Norths to catch a movie on the beach. We’re normally not able to go because Dan doesn’t get off work in time to catch the ferry. The movie was kind of a dumb one, but the experience is really fun.




Movie time

This was a quieter weekend, and we finally got some RAIN!! We had plans to go to the chili cookoff on Sunday but I had little interest in eating chili (which I don’t even like) while being soaked. I was so grateful for the rain. We ended up going to see a matinee, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I love spy movies 🙂


Stay sunny! (Unless you’re sending rain, which we still need 🙂 )


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