Island iPod: Saturday Vibes

It’s the weekend again!

We live in eternal summer here, and good music can help the party go on for a long time. Today I’m sharing a song that I just discovered via a Corona commercial (go figure).

I didn’t know much about Jimmy Cliff before I moved to the Caribbean. Or at least I thought I didn’t. This Jamaican artist is the only living person to have earned the Order of Merit from the Jamaican government, the highest honor for achievement in the arts and sciences. After I began doing some research, I learned that there are a bunch of songs that I know and love by Jimmy Cliff. “You Can Get It If You Really Want” is a great reggae tune, and he covered the Johnny Nash classic “I Can See Clearly Now” for the Cool Runnings soundtrack (also a classic).

“Hello Sunshine” is a chill, happy tune that will have you dreaming of sand between your toes and a good rum drink in your hand. Happy weekend and stay sunny!


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