Six Months on St. Thomas: Stuff We’ve Learned and Done

It’s crazy to think that November is already more than half over, and that we’ve been living in the Caribbean for six months. We’re preparing for our first visit back stateside for Christmas, and are making our list of mainland spots we have to hit while we’re back. So far Starbucks and Arby’s top the list!

Some things we’ve learned in six months:

1. The small stuff doesn’t matter.

2. Sometimes laughter is the only thing that will keep you from crying.

3. Be thankful for any little thing that makes your day great.

4. Even when you try your hardest, you still may not get it right. And that’s ok.

5. Go outside. It’s amazing out there.

6. You’re capable of doing much more than you realize.

7. Sometimes people just won’t understand. Ever.

8. If it isn’t a little scary, you’re probably not getting much out of the experience.

9. Remember where you came from, but be open to taking on some new traditions of a different place.

10. The small stuff doesn’t matter.

Yes, I repeated #1 and #10, but you’re truly forced to surrender to things that are out of your control. Like the weather. Or the speed of the postal service. Or how other people treat you when they first meet you.

Some things we’ve done (or not done):


  • Mastered driving on the left. And island roads. I thought I knew what potholes were,  being a native of the Midwest. I will never complain about an Iowa pothole again.
  • Seen water that looks like it’s fake. It seriously looks like the postcards you see.
  • Entertained five different sets of visitors. It’s always fun to show off this island when someone comes to visit!


  • Worn pants. Long ones, anyway. Bathing suits, shorts or skirts are all I wear down here. The less fabric touching skin the better!
  • Dried my hair with a hairdryer. No point.
  • Eaten fast food. Not one french fry.
  • Been to a movie. Soon to change, as the Hunger Games movie is here this week!

This weekend we ran in the VI ‘Til I DYE color run with some friends. We had a blast, and got completely covered in color. The run ended at the beach, and the water turned pink and purple as people ran into the ocean. Don’t worry, eco-friends. The dye is simply cornstarch and is completely biodegradable. And only in the VI would you pause a race to play a game of flip cup. Best. Race. Ever.

Untitled design-2

before and after

Before and After the color run!




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