Labor Day Weekend

We kicked off the weekend with dinner at home, A & M came over and I tested a new recipe on them. We enjoyed the patio and  taught them to play contract rummy, a favorite game of ours. On Saturday Dan and I got up and went to a cycling class at Pure Balance, getting thoroughly sweaty before the long weekend. The rest of the day was spent doing chores around the house and I did some writing work.

On Sunday Dan golfed with his buddies, and then we went to Greengos Caribbean Cantina to play in a corn hole tournament. Dan has been playing corn hole (or bags) since college, and I pretended to play along when I would visit him and his friends while tailgating at Iowa State. But we paid our entrance fee and said why not?

We had lots of margaritas, and played pretty well in the tournament! We got fourth place, just missing the prizes for the top three spots. But I was the last lady standing in the tourney and we had a good time. If you’re ever in the Caribbean and want top-notch Mexican food, Greengos is the place to go!


We had plans to go to Water Island with some friends on Monday, but got word that the mosquitoes were pretty bad so we decided to skip it. We relaxed at home instead, spending time at the pool before meeting A & M on the beach for a bit. A tropical depression a week ago had washed out part of Hull Bay Beach, and there were TONS of tiny little hermit crabs in one rocky section of the beach. Our Monday night taco tradition stands, and ended the night at Hull Bay Hideaway. Fish tacos and Triple Chocolate Bushwhaker cake eaten, we’re calling the long weekend a success.




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