Tropical Weather Update


As many of you know, we moved to the Virgin Islands just prior to hurricane season (June 1 – Nov. 1). Lots of people want to know what the weather is like down here.

The answer: hot and humid. We stick right around 85 degrees each day, and the lows are at 79 or 80 each night. We have had a few days that have ventured into the 90s, but the consistency of the temperature doesn’t make the highs seem as high or the lows as low. There’s a short rain shower most days, lasting less than five minutes. Thunder and lighting are apparently a rarity down here, and we have yet to see any.

The first hurricane of the season, Arthur, was basically a non-issue for the islands, and the second storm coming across the Atlantic has been squashed by wind shear. While hurricanes are a real threat, we find that people don’t worry about them much until the know one is actually going to pass the island. We have a hurricane kit ready, just in case. Since I’m able to work from home most of the time, I’m able to monitor the Weather Channel’s Hurricane Central pretty easily.

There have been way more dangerous storms at home in Iowa this season so far than we’ve had down here! And we’re also hearing about triple-digit temps. Mamma mia.

It’s a slow week on the island, and we’re preparing for our first visitors to arrive in about three weeks!


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